Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Core Curriculum" math problem

Those too old to have school-age children and those who have never had any children in the first place may find themselves relieved by their circumstances when reading the following math problem that is said to be part of the Core Curriculum that is going to make our kids smarter.


  1. Many people from across the political spectrum are opposing the Common Core Curriculum, but you'd think that anyone opposing it was an ignorant or unpatriotic fool if you just attend to mainstream media.

    The underlying concept is highly suspect and the implementation is extremely poor. Even accepting that the CCC concept makes sense, neither the actual subject curricula much less the tests aren't ready to subject the nation's children to.

    But the pressure has been intense from the plutocrats who need the country's education dollars for "pocket chain"; quality and consequences be damned. The real gem is consolidating the power of what the rest of the country learns.

    From Diane Ravitch
    Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards

    To Freedom Works
    Top 10 Reasons to Oppose Common Core

    Apply a little common sense regarding the curriculum. Do we need major changes to K-12 curricula? Tweak it for sure but major change, really? Just ignore the rhetoric of the proponents and follow the money instead so many billions to be made reworking curriculum, publishing books for the new currciulum book, creating electronic version of books, rewriting the tests, administrering the tests, scoring the tests, curving the tests, etc.

  2. Should have spent a little more time editing but I think I made my point

  3. Reading the comments from the page where the article is originated suggests a serious need for education among those who oppose it. Textbooks are created by private publishers. Those responsible for acquiring the books for the schools apparently lack the manpower or will to read them before doing so. Textbooks are deep pocket industries.