Thursday, March 6, 2014

wealth disparity ... again

Income disparity, the continuing background hum and growl of these times, finds a nice summing-up example in this story out of Silicon Valley.

Lords and peasants -- was it ever any different? Strange to think that "passing the buck" would mean shifting responsibility rather than sharing the wealth.

And, as a PS, there's this:
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A new survey of the nation's college freshmen has found that the percentage attending their first-choice school has reached its lowest level in almost four decades, as cost and the availability of financial aid have come to play an influential role in decisions of where to enroll.


  1. You might find some of the talks by and interviews of Chris Hedges on Youtube of some interest and taken together with some of his other talk of some usefulness.

    Watched this one earlier today "The Pathology of the Rich."

  2. Then there's the collusion by the CEO's of the top tech companies including Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe to hold down industry salaries.


  3. Remember our once-solid middle class was a historical anomaly...