Saturday, March 15, 2014

food pantries on campus

As if the over-optimistic and well-manicured weren't irritating enough touting the value of a college education that fewer and fewer can afford (and when they can 'afford' it are often saddled with $100,000 in debt at the end of four years), now comes word that food pantries are on the rise on campus.

True, colleges are making things as easy as possible with grade-curve marking systems (don't want to turn away revenue streams, right?), but there was a time when food pantries were for the homeless or those in dire distress ... which, on the face of it, colleges are not.

Easier grading system; less stringent academic requirements; reduced quality in the education paid for; increasing debt for decreasing education ... and now food pantries.

Am I alone or is there something grotesque in this situation?

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  1. Earlier today I read something coming at the economic issue from another angle In the Nation's Boomtown, Homeless People are More Visible and Invisible Than Ever

    BTW - My sense is that your opinion on college grades probably needs a little more work. After all even with all that money Dubya Bush got into Yale but left with a C average. Easy in, sure; not so much out.