Wednesday, May 18, 2016

an animal day

Today was an "animal day" for me -- just seeing unexpected customers in my suburban setting:

There were four or five deer browsing on a field usually populated by voke-school cattle.

There was a ground hog crossing the street where I live.

And there was an uppity rabbit that seems to become less and less shy as time passes: S/he ducked under a bush as I entered the house and didn't budge as I passed.

I keep daydreaming that an anteater or water buffalo or even an alligator will show up, but that's pushing the fairy tale, I imagine. The critters I did see managed -- by what magic I'm not sure -- to lighten my load somehow.

Perhaps it was they who inspired me to suggest to the doctor with whom I had an appointment this morning that he get a couple of dogs or cats the roam the waiting area. Doctor offices are notoriously adult and drear. A little tail-wagging wouldn't hurt.

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