Tuesday, May 24, 2016

religious deflation

Juices seem to be stagnant this morning, though I did noodle a little on a Buddhist bulletin board:
If I had to pick a single impetus for the dwindling social toe-hold of religion, I think I would pick the Internet. It is harder to weave wondrous tales where information -- right, wrong or indifferent -- is so readily available.
But I agree with the sentiment that suggests spiritual life will find another channel, another expression, in future. Just because popes and imams and rabbis and gurus lose their claim to some high seat does not mean that individuals have lost interest in a realm that is without doubt or free or joyous or enlightened or whatever word anyone might choose. The unsatisfactoriness/dukkha of Buddhism is true whether or not anyone calls it "Buddhism."
Is the diminishing-religion situation any more true or credible or devoid of fault than what preceded it? I seriously doubt it. Most of the truths anyone finds in life require a lot of wading through the lies. So I think new names will be found, but the wading will be pretty much the same.

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