Saturday, May 7, 2016

details of deployment

I wasn't entirely sure what time it was, but there came a moment when I realized the lights were going on around the house this morning. I felt more or less rested as I lay in bed, so I guessed it must be time to get up. I got up.

It was 3 a.m.

My younger son had returned from the bouncer's job that takes him into the late night or early morning hours of Fridays and Saturdays. He was churning around purposefully, holding some papers in his hand. He said he was glad I was up because he had to fill out, scan in and send in his application for a passport. The computer near where I sleep has a scanner. He needed the passport as part of the "deployment" his National Guard unit is scheduled for next year.

He filled out the application. I scanned it in and then sent a copy to his phone. He looked relieved (his sergeant had been on his and other asses to get the damned thing done) and went to bed. I too went back to bed, though it took a while to sleep.

Bit by bit, the noose tightens. At some point it will snap taut and my son will be "deployed."

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