Saturday, May 28, 2016

puttering in the heat

A second 90-degree-give-or-take day in the offing -- hot enough to whittle away whatever energy sectors might have been operating otherwise. I begged off a family gathering it might have been nice to go to up in the hills near here because there energy isn't there. Now the question becomes whether I have the oomph to get an air conditioner in the window.

Waiting for Monday -- "Memorial Day" -- the day I chose for publication of my latest column. It was then or the third Wednesday of the (May) month when the column generally goes. Monday is Memorial Day and the column is about Memorial Day, so .... But waiting seems to have thrown my writing machinery out of whack. Oh well, soon enough it will appear and the same people who haven't read it in the past will be able to not-read it anew.

Perhaps, despite sodden times, I can work a little on the question, "Was it worth it?" The question refers to an longish-standing interest in spiritual life and the energy I put into it. At 76, I get to ask a question like that and then retrace a few footsteps and bloviate. What is it that sets anyone on a course that leads bit by bit to the backward look and the question, "Was it worth it?" Does anyone say "no?" Is there some built-in face-saving device that insists on a favorable response?

It's hot. Today may not be the day for it.

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  1. I imagine a good many's last thought will be to wonder "what was that all about?"