Thursday, September 28, 2017

"An Atlas of Beauty"

In a hundred years, who'll know -- I am a sucker for beauty. And as if to complement my squishy leanings, The Guardian has published an excerpt of "An Atlas of Beauty: Women and Girls Around the World in Pictures" by Mihaela Noroc. I have been Jell-O-ized anew, but can't steal them all. Here are some.

More and more tribes of Amazonia are starting to adopt modern clothes for everyday life. But they are still keeping their traditional clothes for important events. I photographed this young woman in her wedding outfit.   
Maria sells vegetables in the market of her small town. She became shy as soon as she saw the camera.     
Among the most graceful women I encountered, this Tibetan mother of two in a rural village looked like this the moment she opened her door to me. She had been cleaning her house, and yet she was wearing her jewellery.

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