Sunday, September 17, 2017

Margrethe Vestager, one woo-hoo woman

Margrethe Vestager
She’s the woman who took on Google and Apple and Starbucks… The European competition commissioner – and inspiration for the Borgen TV series – discusses her fight for fairness against powerful corporate interests. 
Some people make me happy to be alive.

They also suggest to me that investing in flak jackets might not be a bad idea.


  1. A shame we can't do that here. Folks talk about protecting the job creators, but it's big business that sends jobs abroad.

  2. Good story. On the surface it's inspiring. By the end I began to wonder how genuine she really is.

    I had been thinking that Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren was going to make a significant difference. Then I learned she was supporting Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders. So much for dedication to reform.

    Hope Ms. Vestager gets much done and inspired a whole bunch of people well before she she decides to become "practical and effective."