Wednesday, September 6, 2017

cop apologizes to friend he shot

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) -- A sheriff's deputy who mistook a news photographer's camera for a gun shot the photographer without any warning, according to video footage released Wednesday....
Shaw realized his mistake immediately as he rushed to the aid of the photographer, Andy Grimm, whom he knew, according to the video." Andy, I'm sorry, brother," Shaw said. "Listen, dude, you pulled that out like a gun out of the back of the Jeep." "I thought it was a freaking gun, Andy," Shaw said a minute later....
Later, Shaw is heard crying and praying that Grimm, who was shot in his side, will be all right. The deputy keeps pressure on Grimm's wound as he urges first responders to hurry.
Earlier stories indicated the community was a small one in which everyone knows everyone, including the two men in the incident. The wounded man is OK.


  1. You wonder about how outside influences like Trump's speech to law enforcers a few weeks back influences the stupid things cops do like mistake a camera from a gun.

    You also wonder about the types of people drawn to law enforcement as ones life work.

    Shoot first cry later. Sheesh!

  2. Andy -- I imagine it's about like spiritual pursuits ... idealism at the outset followed by a period of serious education.

    1. The more general notion of idealism folliwed by the education on the job might track in a significant percent of people. I just would use naievete or, more strongly, "erroneous assumptions" instead of "idealism."

      Still? there's something very wrong when a supposedly experienced officer of the law starts seeing a gun when s camera is being taken out.

      There's some serious "prejudice" or "paranoia" going on. Hence my questions regarding the effect of outside influence and / or personality problems.