Tuesday, September 12, 2017

N.Korea/U.S. kabuki ... aka bullshit

In light of the undeniable reality of mutual deterrence, the North Korean "crisis" of 2017 can most accurately be seen as a media puppet show put on by Chairman Kim and President Trump for their own public relations purposes.
If you had to choose between North Korea's leader and America's, it seems to me that Kim Jong Un is the less unstable, primarily because he is less ignorant. Dancing with Donald Trump may be stimulating and/or diverting, but this is basically two self-important power players flonging their dongs.


  1. Good article.

    We may not need to be particularly frightened by this arc of the Trump Show.

    From one perspective Trump is a drama Queen; no, he's an Empress of Extreme Melodrama. He needs chaos. He thrives on it. He creates it when it runs lows. He's treats it like a smoke screen. It destabilizes others around him. He thinks he's clever by doing so; in some ways it works for him.

    I am less familiar with Kim, but in this case, for Trump Kim is an abused junk yard dog. Trump sees the dog, and enjoys teasing that dog. Then says "look everyone that's one mad dog, let's put him down."

    Oops, the adults step in and it's back to a dark reality. Some of the adults, already afraid of loudly barking dogs, agree with the demented child.

    In any case, both men should be removed from their respective leadership positions.

    Whatever happened to being exiled to a small disease infested island?