Thursday, September 28, 2017

one more episode of "Vietnam..."

As if taking college exam final exams at the end of a semester, I realized with something like relief that tonight's episode of "The Vietnam War" by documentarians Ken Burns and Lynn Novick will be the last of the 10-part series I "have" to watch.

I am so tired of coming away from one episode after another ... crying within, sort of, and full to the brim with grey, brackish sludge. Limp.

Interesting how important my tears are to me.

Why should my tears be more important to me than your tears to you?

I am sad. And furious as a Donald Trump supporter at the (largely) men who worried about getting elected and lied and gamed the hearts and minds and small intestines of children now left in the mists and screams.

Foul. Vile. Obscene.

And incontrovertibly gone.

I am glad there is only one episode to go.

And ashamed.

The end of the documentary, but not the war. Next go 'round, perhaps I will be a good Zen student.

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  1. The shortest verse in the Bible... "Jesus wept". I imagine ol'buddha man shed some tears along the way as well.