Thursday, September 7, 2017

the religio-wacko's are baaaaaack

Passed along in email and inspiring an oh-thank-god from me....

The religio-wacko crowd has belatedly gotten its act together and blamed the recent punishing weather of the Caribbean on the gays and transgenders who are so clearly responsible. Remember them? The sweet-Jesus ones who said god doesn't like the LGBTQ community and would pound the shit out of them as punishment?

Harvey, Irma and who knows what other frightening, stormy assaults ... duck and cover! Take that, you weird wonkers!

Seriously, I was almost lost without the biblical, idiotic claims. My universe was positively skewed. Now, all's right with the world. Climate change is bullshit once more and who and how you fuck is on the front burner where all saints and other fuckers deserve to be.


  1. I think I could adapt to a world without crazy, ignorant and mean people. But I'm afraid they might not let me in.