Sunday, September 10, 2017

Silicon Valley welcomes right wing

The leaders of the world’s biggest technology companies are liberal on social issues and trade, but anti-union and anti-regulation.
... [M]any online services now prize “personalisation” above all else. And the last thing the entrepreneurs of the gig economy want is trade unions enforcing collective bargaining, bringing legal pressure to protect workers’ rights and generally putting sand in the gears of disruptive innovation.
The Silicon Valley moguls will doubtless eventually have their way with the Democrats, just as the Koch brothers have theirs with the Republicans. That kind of money always talks, especially in American politics. But for anyone interested in workers’ rights and labour solidarity the prospects don’t look good. In Silicon Valley, it seems, trade unionists are yesterday’s men and women.

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  1. It's curious that social liberals would fight paying a wage that might reduce the cost of social programs.