Saturday, September 16, 2017

honoring veterans

A lot of preliminary advertising has gone into touting documentarian Ken Burns' 10-year take on "The Vietnam War." The 10-part serial begins Sunday/tomorror night at 8 EST. The Public Broadcasting System, which can preen about its refusal to advertise, has advertised the hell out of it.

And I guess all that nudging and advertising has gotten to me in the sense that I woke up this morning wanting to make a banner or button campaign for the Twitters of this world. Literally -- have buttons made up and give them away. Something short and sweet and on target, like my internet friend Olcharlie's (approximate),
"If you really want to honor veterans, then stop making them."
Even if my fixed-income bank account would allow it, the energy required to stand on the street and give buttons away for free would probably lose steam fast. Another wet dream. I need a magic lantern and a willing genie. Strange how, the older I get, the more confused I am about why my thoughts do not automatically convert into an accomplishment ... a reality. Talk about trailing off into la-la land.

War is so self-serving and obscene. Self-, self-, self-, self-serving. Screaming doesn't help, but, like Trump supporters, sometimes I want to scream.

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