Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept. 11, 2001 re-embedded

It's Sept. 11 again -- the day in 2001 on which the demolition of the world trade towers in New York took place. Approximately three thousand died at four sites on that day. Again and again the "terrorists" have been named and blamed.

I wonder if the terrorists will ever be named.

Yes, I am one of the few who feel more trust in the science adduced or demanded and the insurance payments made. [Interesting how many links have been disabled since I last tried to look up a really good documentary that came out shortly after the tragedy. I believe copyright is the most frequent excuse.]

I do not generally leap on any conspiracy bandwagon that comes along. In this case ... well, the evidence I recommend anyone with energy to look up (engineers, chemists, demolition experts ...) makes this case different.

Asbestos abatement ain't cheap. An eight billion insurance payoff might be nice.

Neatly snipped steel I-beams....
A mesh embedded specifically to ward off errant projectiles ... like planes.

One (but not the one I wanted) documentary.


  1. I've filed it away with JFK and Hoffa, just another truth we'll never know.

  2. Curious to know which "documentary" you are referring to.

    I remember the day. I listened to the radio and watched the TV.

    Early reports on both just vanished, Ie they were never repeated. Seemingly careful analysis was presented in the subsequent months only once and never repeated.

    A year or so later I bought a DVD with a skeptical approach to the events that occurred on 9/11/2001. I shared the disc. The feed back was that it raised some good points. I may still have that disc somewhere.

    My take was

    A) Don't automatically assume Muslims are Evil or Crazy

    B) Who could have possibly benefitted from the attacks? (Recall it wasn't just the World Trade Center that was attacked; so was the Pentagon, there were other supposedly unsuccessful attacks that day.

    C) Who actual did benefit from the attacks on 9/11/2001?

    D) Evidently, the Towers were likely have been designed to implode because they were located in a densely populated area. The fact is that the WTC was understood to have been a target since they were only in the design phase. Why weren't they more closely guarded?

    Follow the money.
    Explain to me what the goals of the supposed terrorists were.


  3. Andy -- The video I was looking for was entitled (if I remember correctly ... always dubious) something along the lines of "we know what you did." It included interviews with all sorts of scientists, on-the-scene witnesses, emergency personnel, etc.

    The owner of the buildings (which were lined up for an enormously expensive asbestos abatement as I recall)came away with insurance valued at $8 billion ... yes, that's a B.

    I too may have a disc somewhere, but where, at this late date, is beyond my mess-clearing capacities. Next go-round I'll be a Zen student ... neat, dontcha know.

  4. Ah....

    Organization, neatness. Don't get me started.
    Too late.
    In my limited meanderings I have found that even some Japanese Zen people are neat and organized only because they have seekers in training under their guidance who are willing and able to clean, straighten and do inventoried archives.
    Something to be said for the apprentice system.

    So, in MY next go round I'll be a Zen "Master."
    In THIS life my closets continue to cry.