Wednesday, September 20, 2017

bits of conundrum sawdust

Conundrums someone is bound to declare are not conundrums but are, rather, conundrums for others but not for me:

Is there some reason that one man should wish to take from another that which he himself holds most dear? Shall I kill you?

I'd prefer to live (I think), but that's just me.

Of all the horrors, I think that belief is probably the worst. This cannot be transmitted, but requires the experience in order to blossom. Belief separates, but try telling that to a believer hell-bent on unifying principles. Gawd! So belief is the only vehicle that allows belief to be seen in its full, horrific light.

Do I believe this? Probably.


Like an orgasm, music and laughter have the capacity to strip people naked. Capacities are not necessities, but sometimes it is nice to know the capacity exists.

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