Monday, January 28, 2013

birds of a nitwit feather

This morning, on this blog, I was called out (anonymously, of course) for "frequent misrepresentation of Zen."

I don't doubt for a second that it is true.

But I also marvel that there might be someone who thought or thinks that there is a shiny and correct representation of Zen.

I'm not sure which of us is the more pitiable ... and have little inclination to find out.


  1. " Nitwit "! " Pitiable "!
    Wow ! Careful old chap there is a real danger that you might sound like a human instead of a fortune cookie.
    It cant be as easy act to sustain..
    An berobed anti-authoritarian with a cool Japanese name who presents himself as above such affectations..
    An anarchist whose social stance is as predictable in its own way as Rush Limbaugh is in his.
    A reductionist whose simplification of Zen has reduced it to a parlour game for the middle classes.

  2. don't write very well.

    Nitwit, pitiable...and I would like to add juvenile and a troll...with impulse-control problems. You just can't help yourself, huh?

    Did you get your superiority fix today?

  3. Luzdeluna if it helps you please continue to ventilate.
    I probably wont respond to you. You are not the problem.


    Anon Roshi.

  4. "You are not the problem.
    Anon Roshi" ... shit oh dear! Thanks for the LOL for the day!

  5. I really is funny. Every comment he posts is a direct reflection on him. What he accuses you of is what he is doing...yet he can't see it.

    He has made your blog his problem. He is unable to stop himself from reading it. He must be the bored one, the one with the empty life where no one recognizes his supposed genius.

    "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

  6. " He " ? Try " they "...for our name is legion. And some of us are female.

  7. Oh Wow! Legion, replete with females...all in an ongoing vengeance to fight with a gentle fellow simply writing his blog. Oooo...scary.

  8. OK, LuzdelaLuna, chill your jets. Think of it as walking down the sidewalk and running into a pile of AKC Nonin-Clone dogshit.

    Step around it. Keep on walkin'. No need to repeat the obvious. Didn't you have some groceries to buy? :)

  9. Thats right as he says. Don't do as he does.

  10. Yeah...okay. Easy analogy to visualize. Thanks.

    I got work to do anyway and then off to the gym. It's nice to be productive.

    Hey Anon, isn't that your mother calling down to you from the basement stairs to get off the computer and go look for a job?

  11. Hi there Luz ( waves )
    Oft have I hoped to be your friend.
    Perhaps so, perhaps not..
    It is possible to put aside sibling rivalry...or so I have dreamed.
    Dear dear Luz...