Sunday, January 13, 2013


"Healing" is odd ...

It can be used as a transitive verb ("The doctor healed the patient" or "Jesus healed the lepers") and it can be used in a passive sense ("The wound healed").

And "healing" can bring with it a wondrousness that seems to anoint the alleged healer ... what a good guy or gal!... what an altruist!... what a saint! ... what a magician!

But I think that for personal purposes, any bright-light accolades that cling to "healing" need to be reined in. The best one person can do for another is to try to create the circumstances in which the ailing person can heal him- or herself.

Sometimes the circumstances work. Sometimes they don't. But for the 'healer' to take credit either way is a step too far.

"How nice!" is probably enough.

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