Saturday, January 19, 2013

hello world!

It may be childish, but at my age, childishness is about all that's left:

There is a gizmo on this blog that allows me to see where those viewing it live.

United States, Poland, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Australia, Venezuela, Malaysia, India, Ethiopia, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, England ... and my childish heart delights.

I don't care if those viewing the blog are intent on selling me a longer pecker or looking for some niche in which to offer me a Nigerian windfall or hoping to scam me out of money I haven't got. It just makes me childishly happy to see all those names.

I want to say "hi." And I wonder if those viewing the blog actually have any handle on English when their native tongue is something other than English. And I wonder vaguely if what I write creates some impact in their lives ... though I don't dwell on that one much... anything can have any impact and some of them are not at all what was intended or hoped.

It's just a childish bit of speculation and enjoyment. Imagine that! All over the world ... sort of. Kool!

So ...



  1. Hate to burst your little zen bubble but...Blogspot has another feature that allows a person to page through all the blogs like you would a photo album with forward and back arrows every time someone gos past your door you get a hit ....So you may not be as popular as we your fans would like to believe...just saying...Anita

  2. Anita -- You're right -- my naivete would fill a large bucket. Nevertheless, in the world of childishness, I still like all those names ... never mind if they're true readers or not.

  3. If the gizmo shows the bounce rate it will show who's a reader and who's not.