Sunday, January 27, 2013

parallel lines...

It is said that parallel lines meet in infinity.

In one sense, this is a real mind-fucker: Parallel lines by definition do not meet. And "infinity" -- well, who in their right mind could get their mind around that?

But when you stop and think how much energy it takes to keep parallel lines at a distance from each other, perhaps it's not so odd.

Energy -- the same energy that goes into any "paradox." A delighted and sometimes cranky energy which, when relaxed, allows what is sensible to be sensible.

Who says that plus-two and minus-two cannot live in simultaneous harmony in the same apartment?

Who says there is some oil-and-water difference between "hello" and "goodbye" -- that they are not a perfect expression of the same thing using different sounds?

It takes so much energy to prattle about "oneness" and to keep it segregated from "separation."

Maybe that's just how things go -- banging my head against some wall because it feels so good when I stop.


  1. If the universe is expanding, maybe parallel lines bend around the left and right corners and meet in the middle on the way back.

  2. You'd do well to stay away from Mathematics in your toasty little posts, good chum. I daresay you have no idea about Euclidean and non-Euclidean spaces.

    Plainly, in the world as conceived by the average bloke, parallel lines are simply lines that have the same distance from each other and hence will never, ever intersect.

    For the slightly above average fellow, it may be easy to imagine that all of space is contained in a pliable, amorphous semi solid that can be twisted this way and that and even folded over under and through itself. But to consider parallel line this is of little practical value in daily life and is most probably completely wrong anyway. Think, if you will, of Occam's Razor.

    As for infinity, and parallel lines meeting there, as you put it, "What would Gotama say?"

  3. Freddy -- When it comes to science and mathematics, I plead woefully guilty to ignorance.

    But when has ignorance ever stopped anyone? :)

  4. See, the issue us not when someone calls you out about a factoid of can just respond by going into your folksy " all coy
    shucks " shtick.
    The real issue is your constant and just as frequent misrepresentation of Zen.
    To which you will also respond with characteristic passive/ aggression.

  5. I don't mind being told I am wrong, since it is often true. What I do wonder about is this: If I (or anyone else) is wrong, where is the critic's willingness or ability to explain what is right? And if a critic can't do that, who then is the greater asshole?

  6. Well me of course.
    I suspect its always me.
    Various me's that is.
    In your position I would be tempted to assume that one Anon is posting.
    That assumption would be wrong however.
    You have had a good run.
    And apart from little hiccups like being banned from the Beginners Forum on E Sangha due to the misleading nature of your replies ( along with the moronic "Muga"..) your bluff has not been called.

    Its being called.