Wednesday, January 23, 2013

look ma! I crucified myself

Endless, endless, endless ....

Just about the time the mind reaches a cozy resting place, another example of why that coziness is unwarranted crops up.

In California, newly-released documents depict a no-doubt-about-it coverup by the Catholic Church when it came to pedophile abuses by priests in the 1980's. The incidents are unlikely to attain a courtroom status due to the statute of limitations, but the pure, brazen marvelousness of an institution that begs for and even demands a virtuous status and then acts in ways that are purely heinous ...

It beggars the mind. Every act of decency and humanity -- and there have been many -- is diluted and maligned by the foot-dragging unwillingness to address the matter squarely.

It is like a man who magically manages to crucify himself ... painful and ineffably stupid.

Not unusual, of course, but still ... painful and ineffably stupid.


  1. painful and ineffably stupid....the beat goes on different day same reaction. What does it say about you?

  2. What good is any practice if you continue to produce the same resentful angry reactions? Is it the boat moving or the shore? Once you realize it is the boat moving you can stop it. But you're pretty old. I doubt you could change anything at this stage even if you wanted to. The tape loops keeping spinning but there is nobody minding them.

  3. I guess I am fortunate to have someone of superior vision to look out for my interests.