Thursday, January 24, 2013

masturbation makes babies?

I suppose the pope may be forgiven for a not-only-but-also argument, but I find something manipulative and desperate in his view of the social-networking sites on the Internet... probably just my old-fart point of view.
"The digital environment is not a parallel or purely virtual world, but is part of the daily experience of many people, especially the young," Benedict said in his message. "Social networks are the result of human interaction, but for their part they also reshape the dynamics of communication which builds relationships: a considered understanding of this environment is therefore the prerequisite for a significant presence there."
Perhaps, like holy men and holy texts, Facebook and Twitter may invite people to heal and be whole -- to imagine there actually is a social network in social networking. Maybe it's a good starting point for serious social networking, serious healing. But the capacity to imagine that "social networking" is social networking -- to think that the sense of aloneness and loneliness can be conquered on some electronic screen -- lacks nourishing calories: It's like imagining cotton candy provided a healthy diet.

OK, OK ... there are all sorts of ways to serious-up, of actualizing a healing world. The spiritually-inclined read books and go to lectures and put money in the church plate for starters. The socially-inclined need somewhere to begin as well and maybe Facebook and Twitter are just the ticket.

But it all strikes me as being a bit like masturbation: It may be very pleasant, but what sort of nitwit imagines that masturbation makes babies?


  1. You are very preoccupied with Catholicism aren't you ?

  2. You might be underestimating the potential of social networking. People do make friends over the internet (although not necessarily by using the services you mention).

    I had to chortle often at a recent get together. Some middle age guy kept up a rant about the use of computer by kids. Yet enthused that he met his girl friend (also at the party) through some online dating service.

    P.S. I doubt that they are going to make babies.