Saturday, January 19, 2013

the Vevcani factor

Vevcani is kidding ... sort of.
The tiny Macedonian town of Vevcani boasts its own constitution, its own currency and a passport emblazoned with a golden coat of arms.
And every year, the town hosts a festival that thumbs its nose at not just the solemnities close to home, but solemnities everywhere.
The sharp satire leaves nothing untouched, targeting the national leadership, politics, religion and social issues....
To selected guests, the mayor hands out red passports of the "Republic of Vevcani," with its coat of arms depicting two harlequins dancing over a magic cauldron....
"We have all the things necessary to be independent and they will be activated if the need arises," he said....
"It is something that is not real. It's a mask. Anyone who has any common sense understands that it is a mask. You take it off and burn it."
It all makes me think that a little Vevcani sass wouldn't hurt anyone.

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