Sunday, June 8, 2014

16,425 days

In the almost 45 years since I first started formally sniffing the spiritual fire hydrant, I don't think a single day -- not one single day -- has passed without giving the matter some thought. Whether in practice or intellectual munching ... not one single day.

And I don't regret it. It's probably better than sticking up 7-11's or over-indulging in chocolate or being more-overtly unkind in one way or another.

But, without meaning offense to others, I do sincerely wonder if such an interest is what Jesus or Gautama or Mohammad or any of the other good teachers had in mind when they laid out their teachings.

A good teacher would wish for your happiness, don't you think? Not a 'spiritual' happiness -- just happiness without any add-ons.

No one adds stuff on when they're happy. They're just happy.

Would a good teacher wish for anything less than that?

I doubt it.

16,425 days ... that's a lot of days that required no add-ons.

Oh well -- life is profligate. For this reason, it is called "loving."

The profligate never care much what anyone calls them.

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  1. Daily for me too, mostly the frustration of not being able to organize myself to sit more. Pain, depression, chores, just seems to take all day, I want to sit like my hair was on fire, but i'm too decrepit for a monastery to take me. And house holding is endless. What Would Buddha Do, he did while young.