Tuesday, June 17, 2014

unlikely results

... And, in what may be thought of as the Pissing-Into-The-Wind Department:

-- Pope Francis has encouraged the super-rich and bankers to get some ethics.

-- "We Will Harass Men" is gaining a Twitter foothold in Egypt, a country, like many others in its neighborhood, that can treat women as chattel and worse. I particularly liked the suggestion that men were immoral for not wearing a veil.


  1. So much church history involved the politics of supporting wealthy regimes in their own landed endeavors. And that history isn't that ancient. In 1963 the catholic church was the largest landowner in Viet Nam and presets were fielding their own armies. This was barely noticed but can be read about here:


    And i expect the church continues as one of the wealthier entities in spite of their "good" works.

    I'm all for equal rights in the middle east, but don't expect this movement to end well.

  2. Damned auto-correct, and damned my lazy failure to edit. That should read "priests were fielding their own armies" lol