Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Made in America?

First, the U.S. couldn't ship its business out of the country fast enough. Lower wages abroad meant more money at the retail level. American businesses went belly-up as the sweat-shops of Asia and the lower costs of Mexico took hold.

Now WalMart, America's largest retailer, is trying to "reshore" goods ... and the "Made In the USA" label has gained a revived cachet. But there's a problem:
"A lot of the tribal knowledge and skill sets are gone because the humans who used to do that work have either retired or died," says H. Kim Kelley, the CEO of Hampton Products International....
America has brought its workers to financial heel, but now the question is, can these slave laborers produce what is needed in order for profits to remain ... uh ... healthy?

Made in the USA?

What USA?



  2. United States of Amnesia. (Robert Wyatt)