Saturday, June 28, 2014

will the very rich escape?

Passed along in email:

Nick Hanauer, a very rich man, suggests that the very rich secretly believe that when the economic revolution arrives, they will be able to beat it out of town in their Gulfstreams.

Hanauer counters, "No you won't." And the sooner the very rich like him recognize that income inequality is more than just some mewling "it's not fair," the better off they -- and coincidentally everyone else -- will be economically.

His article is longer than a Tweet and probably somewhat facile, but I think he makes a good point.


  1. Historically, in the conditions of strong government that exist, the police state option seems more likely than pitchforks, though they may facilitate that change to some extent. But i think the bottom line is that nobody was ever made safer by pissing off their neighbors.

  2. I'll tweet this and maybe somebody is also interested. Heh.