Wednesday, June 25, 2014


If you knew everything, how would you know it?


  1. If i knew anything, how could i be sure?

  2. Being such a one I'll weigh in:

    "If one knows everything, one would then would just know that one know everything. In other words by knowing everything it is just logical that one knows when one knows everything.

    "Don't worry, though, it's an exteremly rare condition. If you think you do know everything seek out validation. For example from the local astrophysicist,a particle physicist, your nearest neurologist, a respected psychiatrist, and a couple of old school spiritual teachers. Get back to us.

    "Good luck"

    - Lord Brainiac XXV,

    Notice any messages left from this terminal come from an inmate at the New Jersey State Mental Institution, 7th Flloor, Terminal 7

  3. Lotta folks behind pulpits claim to know everything. Lotta political pundits and supporters are pretty sure they know everything as well. And then there's teenagers. lol