Monday, June 2, 2014

speak up for net neutrality

There's an email address at the end of this quasi-comical presentation:

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  1. The page seems to be up and running, but i was unable to leave a comment. Perhaps because i'm on a mac. I was able to leave a tech complaint about that.

    So being frustrated by that i went to the page where you can email the white house and leave comments in their disgruntled american round file. The fcc wasn't listed in their pull down menu so i applied it under administration issues. This is what i said, expecting to be ignored, but open to imprisonment should a black suv pull up to my door.

    I understand that politics is a complex of negotiations with the organizations promoting financial agendas. I understand that health care was surrendered to the insurance lobby. I understand that the banks are above the law and can use our money for their wall street casino. But you're throwing us under the bus on net neutrality. What happened to anti-trust prosecution.