Friday, March 24, 2017

Ives heads to Sinai

There was a nice gathering of family at a local restaurant which is not quite as good as it thinks it is ... but the company was fine -- everyone gathered for a farewell supper for Ives, who left for Worcester ten minutes ago. His battalion will fly to Texas tomorrow.

Ives and Brianna, Olivia and her husband Rich, Elizabeth and I, and Angus to round things out ... all seated and gabbing around a table ... eating and laughing and ....

Well, today, les jeux sont fait. It feels as if it ought to feel like something, but for the moment, it's just a sort of dull blank, despite the various tears shed. Ives has left home for a year and his leaving means I feel the pangs of leaving home ... of the galumphing feet I will not hear in times to come, the over-application of male perfume Ives is wont to apply after a shave ... lingering in the bathroom ... smothering... gawd!

Bonne chance! Bon courage!

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