Monday, March 27, 2017

who knows what symbols can inspire?

NEW YORK (AP) -- The globally popular statue of a young girl will keep staring down Wall Street's famed "Charging Bull" through February 2018 instead of being removed this coming Sunday, the mayor said.
She's "standing up to fear, standing up to power, being able to find in yourself the strength to do what's right," said Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who appeared with the "Fearless Girl" statue Monday on the lower Manhattan traffic island where the two bronze figures face each other.
When all you've got is the little stuff, the meaningless stuff, and the fluff stuff, then I guess it's the right moment to stick with the little stuff, the meaningless stuff and the fluff stuff.


  1. I love this statue, but expect it's lost on the masses and likely an inside joke in the eyes of the ruling class.

  2. Charlie -- I suspect the mayor of NYC would not have made the announcement if the "masses" hadn't hollered a bit. He's a politician, after all.

  3. The fearless girl has indeed become popular among the masses, but - like Charlie - I can see it being a bit of an inside joke.

    The little girl would need a gun at least - make that a big gun - to stand a little chance against the charging bull.

    The bull's author disqualified the new statue as a mere 'advertising trick', while calling his own art. The comment makes it look like the little girl hurt his pride, even if he may be right in the sense that she advertises defiance but doesn't really stand a chance. Still, since when is 'what art is' defined by what does?

    Dreams and esthetics aside, I love the dialogue between the statues, in itself a form of art. Her presence makes the bull even more interesting, powerful and dangerous.

    I read that the bull was placed as a symbol of resilience after a market crash. Wikipedia says it's a symbol of agressive financial optimism and prosperity. Now the girl questions if that power and resilience may threaten and - in the end - gore and trample what defines us as human, rather than violent beasts.

    She really doesn't stand a chance. But since when is life defined only by what does?