Thursday, March 23, 2017

level-headed questions

It was a matter of curiosity on the one hand, but it also cast salt into some tender and potentially-wounded place ....

Today I asked my son if he had successfully kept an appointment and filled out the last-will-and-testament paperwork that the army National Guard requires him to before he takes off tomorrow ... first for a month in Texas and later for deployment in the Sinai.  "How much did you sign up for. When I was in, it was something like $10,000." He said he had signed on for $250,000 and he had OK'd a 30-day hiatus if he were to fall into a coma and need someone (his mother) to pull the plug.

Of course, none of us is going to die, so it's all hypothetical, right?

Wrong, but let's pretend immortality is true, just as we have in youth, just as we have in church, just as we have in all the times when the alternative is just too out of reach and perhaps spooky.

Our voices are level and serious and no one is weeping just now... thank god.

Tonight, the family goes out for dinner to say farewell ....

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  1. No matter how thorough your preparation, i imagine there will always be at least one thing left undone when we go. Maybe some are truly ready to go when it comes, but i imagine they are few and far between.