Thursday, March 30, 2017

the wealth we create and give to the wealthy

OK, it's an opinion and a longish one by Twitter standards, but the Guardian essay strikes me as reasoned. Yes, it's another one of those who's-getting-financially-fucked-and-how pieces, but it lacks both the somber solemnity of other pieces; it's written in plain English; and the whining sense that can accompany the feel-the-Bern apologies is pretty much left out.
The biggest tragedy of all, however, is that the rentier economy is gobbling up society’s best and brightest. Where once upon a time Ivy League graduates chose careers in science, public service or education, these days they are more likely to opt for banks, law firms, or trumped up ad agencies like Google and Facebook. When you think about it, it’s insane. We are forking over billions in taxes to help our brightest minds on and up the corporate ladder so they can learn how to score ever more outrageous handouts.
 How tiring the well-camouflaged indecencies become.


  1. The working class has always worked for the ruling class, and the latter has always fared better. But the working class perspective is that it's better than being jabbed with a sword.

  2. Charlie -- There was once an interest in the union sword.