Wednesday, March 29, 2017

paralysis ameliorated with thought

A man who was paralysed from below the neck after crashing his bike into a truck can once again drink a cup of coffee and eat mashed potato with a fork, after a world-first procedure to allow him to control his hand with the power of thought....
For now, the process is relatively slow, but the scientists behind the breakthrough say this is proof of concept and that they hope to streamline the technology until it becomes a routine treatment for people with paralysis. In the future, they say, it will also be wireless and the electrical arrays and sensors will all be implanted under the skin and invisible.
I wonder if anyone is working on a similar break-through for paralyzed brains? If so, who is most likely to benefit -- Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, David Duke, Gautama the Buddha, the world of toreadors, Jesus Christ, me, you ....

Let's hear it for paralysis!

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  1. It's already a joke on the social networks someone posting something like "Hi, I'm selling delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for $4,99. You can buy them online on or call 9999-9999. Deliveries between 9am-17pm.

    After which people reply on the comments with questions such as:

    - What flavours have you got?
    - How do I buy them?
    - Do you deliver?

    Not sure if the problem is brain paralysis, laziness or - quite opposite - running minds resulting in attention deficit.

    I bet on the last one, even if the result becomes brain paralysis for lack of use. Too much information and stimulus perhaps, resulting in too little time or focus for each.

    Running paralyzed, a very real and observable paradox.