Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jimmy Breslin dead at 88

Columnist Jimmy Breslin, RIP
Today's reporters "are the best educated there ever was, and they go home at night and they go to the health club and have a glass of wine at home, with their wives and families. Which is the worst thing they could do all day. And as a result they're going to live long, and they're the most boring (expletive) people who've ever worked in the news business."

There is something fitting, perhaps, that his death at 88 should come a day after that of rock 'n' roll king Chuck Berry: I don't suppose either man was especially easy, but by God they put their shit on the table. 

Couple of quotes among many I like: 

-- "I ain't gonna get nowhere if I'm with everybody else," he says. "They'll drown me. I better go out on my own. If I'm all alone in a place I feel safe."

--  "Football is a game designed to keep coal miners off the streets."

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