Monday, March 27, 2017

Kiwis balk at the siphoning off of water

A plan to extract millions of litres of water out of a Unesco world heritage site, send it by pipe to the coast and ship it to foreign markets for bottling has ignited a campaign over water resources in New Zealand.
An export company is proposing to collect 800m litres a month of the “untapped” glacial waters of Lake Greaney and Lake Minim Mere, mountainous dams that are fed by rainfall on the Southern Alps....
Without selling what otherwise might be free-ish, the water industry has done its good deed for the millennium and produced countless more plastic bottles with which to pollute. It never has been clear to me why, if pure water is a requisite for a pure and upscale life, the public water system cannot be improved. 


  1. Likely because we're too lazy to do the math. How much do we spend on bottled water and landfills for plastics as opposed to the taxes for water infrastructure.

  2. Why don't stories like this make capitalism less attractive?