Saturday, February 9, 2013

alone ... together ... something

For warmth, for protection, for procreation, for society, the group comes together.

In its membership, perhaps, each is greater than himself. There also seems to be an unspeakable something that the group asserts ... something, but what?

Perhaps it is just that each is less lonely, although there can seem to be something more as well.

Less lonely and yet, in a strange simultaneity, a recognition of and emphasizing of how alone anyone actually is.

A koan of sorts.

Less lonely ... more alone ... and yet something.


  1. Alone, an empty-can-sound,
    Here, the chattering of monkeys,
    Still, no-soul to no-soul,
    We seek community.


  2. I think if you apply your musings to Sangha you have described only one factor in the Buddhas legacy of the Sangha jewel.
    Another vitally important one is that of diamonds in the rough being tumbled together in the polishing machine.
    We are not isolated monads.