Thursday, February 21, 2013

selective applause

Would anyone pay to get into a theater where there was nothing but applause? No act, no play, no dance, no mime, no acrobats, no comedy or tragedy, no song or music ... just applause?

What a strange and utterly human habit it is, to long for or even demand applause. A pat on the back. A thumbs-up. A gold star. A you-done-it and good for you.

I am not exempting myself from this scenario, just noticing it.

Noticing and recognizing how irritable I can become by the needy and greedy and insistent.

I love applauding others but rebel when that applause is required, when every step or word or thought stands waiting like some self-important, wheedling and often well-camouflaged child ... gimme, gimme, gimme.

It's exhausting to have such acquaintances. Exhausting ...

And at my age, there's already enough exhaustion.


  1. Hang in there Adam, it WILL pass. The bored and jealous will find other outlets.