Monday, February 11, 2013

pope, computer step aside

Pope Benedict XVI resigned today, citing age at, I think, 85. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

As if in sympathy with the pope, my computer took a header and will need repair or replacement. I do not plan to send up a white smoke signal when/if success is achieved. Writing on my wife's laptop is cumbersome as a club foot ... at least for me.

So ... a day of spending money I can ill afford... making me aware again that I would rather do Internet stuff than watch TV. My age, like the pope's, imposes limitations, though I imagine the pope might call me a whipper-snapper from his vantage point.


  1. Well actually there is always the possibility of life without TV OR a computer.
    Just a thought.

    Yet Another Anon.

  2. Hi Adam..I dont know your PC needs and I am no no techie but my Cromebook was reasonbly priced and is very efficient.

    Peter B.

  3. Its also very portable...about the size of a thick magazine..and not much heavier, but you might require gizmos it doesn't have.
    Worth checking out though.


  4. Thanks Peter ... the saga continues into tomorrow ...we'll see.