Friday, February 1, 2013


Quick-hit Internet-dictionary definitions of "momentous" include:
-- very important because of having an effect on future events
-- consequential
-- important
More archaic -- or perhaps just British -- is the descriptive phrase, "of moment," as for example,
-- the issues were of little moment to the electorate
As a noun, a "moment" is just a brief period of time. But turn it into an adjective and suddenly it takes on a richly-adorned presence -- something important and worthy of note ... as distinct, I suppose, from all those other ne'er-do-well moments that are just ho-hum and not worthy of remark.

A moment is just a moment ... right up until I get my hands on it. Only then does it become consequential or important or of "no moment" whatsoever.

I suppose there really may be some pretty important, pretty momentous moments in anyone's life.

But is it worth noticing that the reason for its momentousness is simply the fact that I pay attention for a change to the moment that might otherwise be ignored? Pretty "awesome," right?

How about this moment?

Pretty momentous when you think about it.

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