Thursday, February 21, 2013

email hacked

Yesterday, my email account was hacked. I was informed of this both by AOL yesterday and by an "anonymous" person this morning."Change your password," both advised. So I did.

I apologize to any who may have received inappropriate or petitioning emails 'authored' by me.

I did NOT send out anything offering a more robust penis or a windfall from Nigeria or a sure-fire scheme to realize some incredibly wonderful -- and heretofore unrealizable -- dream. And, although I might long to, I did not ask directly or indirectly for money.

I'm too busy pedaling my own nonsense.

Anyway ... apologies where they may be called for.


  1. Preferably a longer one, with symbols aka &!&@# etc and numbers and lower and upper case - for example.

    1. We're talking passwords here, not robust penisis, right?

  2. You are welcome...if you need more help with that, Google is your friend.

  3. Prince Halsami of NigeriaFebruary 21, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    I Prince Halsami of Nigeria am dearly saddened by this happenstance. My own account was violated recently by the what may be asian military computer bandits. Minister Ubutu provided the safe protection of our wealths.

    Based your internet integrities I myself was going to remit a small royal inheritance for to purchase that procedure to reinforce my Shiva Lingam with the gold covered titanium thread and the crushed diamond enhancements my jewels.

    In the meanwhile perhaps you will find you are interested in a partnership interest the newly discovered Swarovski range in a secret area West of the Amazon River in my beloved country of internet opportunities. With the requirement that the individual mines be held in outlanders' name we can be assured that the investment will provide 1000% return or even much more.

    There are numerous other opportunities such as school teacher, and hospital orderly.

    1. What on earth do you gain from trolling like this ?
      Two seconds amusement ? What ?

    2. This one was not malicious like the others, so it's a different e-Sangha person prob'ly


  4. Peter -- Funny, I didn't take it as trolling. I took it as an associatively-appropriate send-up. It made me laugh.

    1. Me, too! A creative spam-smogasboard, if you will.

  5. You might be right Adam..I might have just grown over sensitive due to the recent " anon " activity.

    I have certainly had my share of Nigerian Princes, exiled sons and daughters of Nigerian cabinet ministers Bishops etc desperate to share their wealth with me...

  6. Dear Friend PeterB,

    It deepenedly resounds within the chambers of my Nigerian heart when I reflect in private on the great harm our nefarious youth have caused my humble homeland.

    It however is due to a malicious mandala inhabited by a professor from the United Kingdom and a disaffected computer expert who was abandoned here by Microsoft computers, an unethical industrial psychologist, and a highly intelligent but bitter girl with a palsy.

    The professor taught a course on the history of fraud. As an example he taught how in the 19th century letters were penned and remitted to the witless wealthy asking for a small investment to release from prison their imaginary neighbor's wealthy kin.

    The Microsoft genius fiend decided to inform our gullible children in the art of IP masking whatever that means. Furthermore, it was explained to me by Minister Ubutu that he is now in hiding but still tutors certain others in the dark computer arts.

    The industrial psychologist taught that first one must find the most gullible in order to extract the most money.

    It just happened that the highly intelligent but resentful young miss attended classes by all three and soon she hatched the scheme that infected several rapacious youths of her acquaintance.

    Due to the mandala containing the inequities of wealth, education, law enforcement, and spiritual vacuity our humble country is believed by the world to be utterly devoid of legitimate economic opportunity.

    May we soon find serenity and honesty on the planet.