Monday, March 28, 2016


Euphemasia: The terminal unwillingness to be direct while imagining that things become somehow less daunting or cruel in that way.

An issue, for example, replaces what once was a problem.

A procedure replaces an operation at the hospital.

A police action is a situation in which death is less wounding than it might be in war.

Moving forward suggests that someone might control what is patently uncontrollable -- the future. It also suggests that moving back is not a more sensible row to hoe in the elevation of your own compassionate stock.

Final results comfortably and comfortingly overlooks the fact that results are final.

Outcomes are way easier and smarter than an outcome.

Thank goodness for those who are challenged: At least they're not crippled.

And death ... well don't get me started as people pass or pass on or are lifted up. At least my Zen teacher's teacher created a sassy teaching moment when he referred euphemastically to the state in question as "joining the majority."

Obviously euphemasia is not an exact science, but it's obvious enough to be worth a look. How long is anyone willing to be squishy and kind and soft-spoken before s/he flies up her own asshole and disappears? ... before the courtesy becomes so ingrained and freighting and corrupt that the subject matter itself is obscured?

I suppose I am as guilty as the next person.

Well, sheeeeit!

Or heck, if you prefer.

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