Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Saudi Arabia in the red?

As proof-positive of my financial stupidities, there is a story today indicating that Saudi Arabia is $100 billion in the red and is sniffing around for a $6 billion to $8 billion loan.

Saudi Arabia in the red????????

I always thought Saudi Arabia had more money than God and, moreover, was one of the few countries that funneled a slice of the pie back to its inhabitants in the form of cars or free education or other perks. So what the hell are they doing borrowing money?

My ignorance, as usual, runneth over.

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  1. Here's my paranoid take. The house of Saud cut the price of oil to allegedly hurt american competition that is now allowed to export oil. Oh the greed of our masters fell right into that one. Who cares if the country has an oil reserve when we can profit from it now. So the world is now flooded with cheap oil, black gold. And everyone knows that the american treasury will print as many fiat dollars as the private banking consortium we call "the fed" tells them to. So now we add a bucket load of cash to a world already glutted with yankee dollars that, like the english language, have become universally accepted and held as reserve currency. The Saudi's need only dump those dollars back into the market place and raise the price of oil to create inflation that will spin heads.

    Why would our allies do this? Oh the mysterious ways of god. The Saudi's are sunni's bent on destroying any other form of islam. They retain a monarchy, no doubt ordained by deific interests. And they will then be able to buy up american assets, including the rental of our armed forces at cut rates. Are the Israeli's worried? No doubt, but they do support the Saudi effort to eliminate the Shia stronghold of Iran. They've always played their cards carefully. Will we take a significant action in the region to shift power? Since Russia weighed in on Syria, the message that we'd better not seems pretty clear.

    I can only say i feel badly for future generations. And if anyone suggests reincarnating to this life, i'm likely to disavow my bodhisattva pledge. Maybe i'm just old and tired. But throughout history, The Art of War and anything by Machiavelli has sold well.