Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sanders supporters for Trump

In a carefully-couched article whose flimsiness is conceded, The Guardian newspaper offers a report on some 700 respondents who were Democrat/socialist Bernie Sanders supporters. 500 said they  would consider voting for the Republican blowhard Donald Trump if Hillary Clinton is the Democrat candidate.
A 29-year-old female data processor wrote: “As horrific as Donald Trump is, and he is a horrible, racist, misogynist idiot, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is any better. I feel like with Trump, he could at least inspire a revolution, even if it is against him. I prefer chaos to stagnation.”
Does that sum things up -- "I prefer chaos to stagnation?" Never mind examining what chaos might mean in all its particularity: Fuck 'em all!

The survey segment is minuscule and the likelihood small, perhaps, but I am glad someone addressed the possibility of seeing Donald in Bernie and vice-versa. A thousand things may separate them and yet their alleged outsider status joins them, however imperfectly.

In the clusterfuck of this political season, when issues evaporate into a miasma of heart-felt angst and anger, why not consider the possibility?

And to think that "principle" was once a usable word.

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  1. The two kinds of people in the world are colliding in america this year. I suppose it's been ramping up over time, or contained by more skillful leadership. Voltaire once said, roughly, you'd be less likely to want to tear down civilization if you understood what it took to create it. And why civilization was created, well, some seem to see the lawlessness of the wild west as them good ol' days.

    Liberty's great, but when your house is on fire you might remember fondly that socialized fire department while you listen to elevator music waiting to talk to a loan officer. Idiots r us.