Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Around here, it's Super Tuesday, a time when a gaggle of states offer voters a chance to have a delegate-say in the upcoming presidential race of 2016.

I will vote for Bernie Sanders, the progressive 'socialist' who has managed like no other to convince the American electorate NOT to look up what the hell a socialist actually stands for.

I will vote for Bernie Sanders because I want Hillary Clinton -- the first woman president of the United States -- to get the message.


  1. We thought Obama would bring about change, but policies continued pretty much as before. I doubt our votes make much difference, whether because of candidate grooming or entrenched government or the ability of Madison Avenue to sway the undereducated masses. I expect to endure choking on the words "president trump". But i wont be surprised if his tenure isn't somewhat short. I really expect him to dump the u.s. treasury into an offshore account and disappear. Even if he should stop just short of that theft, i do expect the plundering of the public coffers by the rich to go into overdrive.

  2. My money is on Hillary. The only question is, how establishment a creature will she be.

  3. After Reagan and Bush sr. trashed the economy, the powers that be knew they'd lose the white house. So the Koch bros. sought, found, and financed the most conservative democrat alive. And so from out of nowhere, the unheard of governor of Arkansas came to power and essentially followed the republican economic platform. He signed NAFTA and GATT into being and killed the Glass Steagal Act. I can't imagine anyone less establishment than the "Billery's".