Sunday, May 6, 2018

and the beat goes on

As Hawaii's Kilauea volcano munches man-made structures with a slow inexorability that once again brings another perspective to human life and as Maine lobster prices level out ... even so, the Palais du Tokyo museum opened its doors Saturday to art-loving nudists in Paris.

Did the works of art on display blush to see so much humanity en plein air? Was the exhibit itself lacking in customers and thus manufactured a little off-beat publicity?

Strange, the gimmicks and gizmos that draw the attention and yet have no thought of their own gizmo-itis.... like Louis XIV's probably-apocryphal, "L'√Čtat, c'est moi" ... Louis had gizmos up the yingyang... "the Sun King" -- imagine that! I doubt that such a man would give it a lot of thought ... of course he was what was important. Volcanoes are scarce in Paris.

When he was nine, my younger son wrote this poem which I found gizmo-less:

The very big trees
Are in my backyard.
I visit them every day
So they won't get lonely.
They give me shade
And keep me dry from rain.
I can climb them
And get delicious fruit --
The most delicious fruit.                 -- Ives Fisher
Which puts me in approximately-remembered mind of the shepherd's prayer I once read was admired by the Baal Shem Tov:
Dear God,
Though I keep others' sheep for money,
For you I would keep them for free
Because I love you.
Naked is interesting as it bubbles up out of the earth and sea.

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