Sunday, May 6, 2018

spring day

A rainy, May, grey day today. Daffodils, tulips, crab grass and more are making the most of it. A quiet, plip-plop of a day.

Yesterday, my son worked a 12-hour shift as a bar bouncer and his lady friend worked her usual eight as the graveyard-shift nurse at the local jail. There were parades for the LGBTQ community and balloons and no doubt both my son and his lady friend were busy, booze being what it is. The school year is winding down and there are a lot of schools around here.

I still haven't got the computer under my belt yet and it's exhausting imagining I could understand the minds that confected the possibilities. The mind cannot idly wander and imagine when the machine sticks its tongue out. Of all the gears in this car, "neutral" is the most appealing.


  1. Re: Windows 10
    Hahaha! Looks like you’re clearly in the haters group.

    You’ll need to spend the time researching and fiddling or the money to get an expert to come over to tweak things for you.

    BTW - How are you with IKEA furniture?

  2. Not actually recommending you try but rather an example of a result and tweak result:

  3. First “result” s/b “research”.