Wednesday, May 2, 2018

white flag

OK, I've pretty much reached the breaking point. I cannot figure out the new and 'improved' Windows 10. It tires me out trying to get what I want. Surrender, though galling, is pretty much the only option and writing is now outside my willingness or ability, this post notwithstanding. It's simply too tiring. Also it is sad-making, watching old habits evaporate ... how can I possibly think when I have to think about this machine?

I hope someone gets some benefit, but I'd be a liar if I said I weren't saddened and crabby.

Perhaps it's a bit like the 60-odd people in Japan whose roller coaster misadventure left them hanging in mid-air for two hours... you want to trust and be rewarded, but the reward is not necessarily predictable.


  1. Maybe one of your sons will help you with the infernal machine. It would be a sad day if you were to go silent. I know that I am not alone in thinking so.

  2. Maybe ask son/friend to add shortcuts to the bottom - "task bar"

    That will help you expedite searching for whatever you are doing. I assume you lost all your old bookmarks too which is a hassle. Are you using the browser you are used to? That shouldn't have changed much.

    I imagine you are just primarily using word and internet - those are the basic functions. Shouldn't be a big jump from the old OS to the new.

    Probably if your son/friend can do a quick pointer course it would alleviate the difficulties now faced.

  3. In addition to the above suggestion and if you can get to your browser you might want to google some instructional material on Windows 10 such as

    Or get a book such as Windows 10 for Seniors

    If you have a smart TV or an internet TV device like Roku or Apple TV that supports YouTube you can search for and watch instructional videos on Windows 10.

    Calm Down Then Carry On