Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Paul Simon ... a blessing

What is a blessing?

Perhaps a blessing is little more than to have lived in a time when someone loved the music more than he or she loved the self.

I think of this as Paul Simon dwindles. It's not just the music per se, which people may like or dislike at will, but the commitment and ardor that blesses ... blesses ... blesses.

Where the blessings fade away, it is a good time to die.


  1. Never liked the word "blessing."

    By definition a "blessing" explicitly involves "divine influence."

    Successful artists such as Simon are about hard work of various sorts.

    So is success a "blessing" i. e. random bonus, or a God's Gold Star for certain action, or is success the fruition of one's labor?

    What are we in the 15th Century?

    1. Enlightened or Ignorant. Successful or Failure. Blessed or Damned. Loved or Hated. Eventually time is up. The Light will go out.

      As for the apparent underlying themes, the "right" to die and the right to be killed under certain conditions, they are worthwhile topics to ponder and discuss.